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I have to install an Oracle server on a remote machine.
And ... It's not my first time :P

As we need to use a GUI Wizard, usually we do an export of the DISPLAY to a computer which can handle the X session and then everything works great... Until now.

I have 2 virtual machine, one with VMWare one with another VM system (KVM or XEN ; i dont remember ;) both with a CentOS 6.5 with SELinux disable and no firewalling setup

Both have a role of oracle server.
My installation on the "non-VMWare" worked fine with the usual process :

xhost + new_server
ssh -X -Y login@new_server
export DISPLAY=workstation_ip:0.0
cd /u01/app/oracle/database

and I received the wizard on my workstation.

Now, with the VMWare Virtual machine, the same process fails when starting anything that require a X, even xclock for example.

So I compared the ssh config of the both server, to check if the forwarding is set to on, but are the same.

So I am asking myself if there is no config to set up on the VMWare virtual machine to permit the X session ?


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